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Lawyers wear many hats including advocate, counselor and legal strategist. Often times, the many roles of a lawyer conflict with one another. Not so when it comes to advising DUI defendants to seek an alcohol evaluation and/or treatment. Not only does such a referral help the client on a personal level, but it assists the lawyer before both the criminal judge and the administrative judge (MVA hearing).

Every DUI defendant who consults with our law firm is provided a list of court certified alcohol education and treatment facilities. It is recommended that the client schedule an immediate appointment, answer the evaluators questions honestly and follow the recommendations of the counselor. If a person is deemed to have an alcohol dependency, in-patient and out-patient options will be discussed. Most problem drinkers will benefit from an out-patient program which may span from 12-48 weeks. In-patient treatment referrals are common for egregious cases and repeat offenders. The length varies.

If a person does not appear to suffer from alcohol dependency, a 12 hour alcohol education program will likely be recommended.

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