STSW Client Instructions for DUI/DWI Cases

As a service to our clients, we are posting the following standard instructions for Maryland DUI/ DWI cases.

1. Contact alcohol counselor to set up evaluation and treatment. (List of Counselors enclosed).

2. Sign authorization for release of information with counselor and instruct counselor to send copies of evaluation and treatment plan to your attorney.

3. Respond to MVA Express office and get copy of complete driving record and send to attorney. (Copy can also be obtained on line There is a $10 charge and the record will be sent to the address that MVA has on file.

4. Prior to court or MVA hearing contact alcohol counselor for updated treatment summary. Instruct counselor to send/fax copy of update to our office and bring copy with you to MVA and court hearings.

5. If counselor has ordered AA or NA meetings procure attendance slips for all meetings and bring slips with you to all MVA and court hearings. If meetings will not provide attendance slips, create log of all meetings attended. Include date, time and location of meeting.

6. Bring copy of temporary driver’s license and all extensions of driving privilege with you to the MVA hearing.

7. Bring to MVA Hearing a letter from your employer indicating your need to continue to have a driver’s license as a condition of your employment.

8. Whenever a Summons is received for Court or MVA Hearing, immediately contact Sheila Englehart ( to advise of date of hearing.

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