Federal and Maryland State Child Pornography Laws

Recent reporting is a good example of both the increasing severity of federal sentences as well as an increased emphasis on federal prosecutions for those who are caught possessing and/or trading in child pornography. As a former Assistant United State’s Attorney for the District of Maryland I have both prosecuted as well as defended hundreds of cases involving child pornography.

In this case a 23 year old Frederick man was caught in a sting operation attempting to buy a video of child pornography from an undercover web site set up by federal law enforcement agents. He is now facing a minimum mandatory sentence of five years and a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison when he is sentenced in August. Over the past several years the Congress has increased the penalties not only for those who manufacture child pornography, which now carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years, but also for those who possess or trade child pornography, usually on the Internet. There has also been an increased emphasis on child pornography investigations and prosecutions by federal authorities in Maryland as well as throughout the country. Under Maryland State Law there are no mandatory sentences for either possessing or manufacturing child pornography but there has been an increased emphasis on these prosecutions in State Courts as well as increases in the sentences by State Judges.

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