Maryland DUI DWI Attorney on people from out of state who are charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland

Maryland DUI Attorney Maryland DWI Attorney – Maryland Drunk Driving Attorney – Baltimore DUI DWI Lawyer – Baltimore Drunk Driving Lawyer – I have received many questions from people from out of state who have been charged with either DUI, DWI or both here in Maryland. As a former prosecutor (or Assistant State’s Attorney as they are known in Maryland) and a full time criminal defense attorney specializing in DWI and DUI law for the past 15 years, I have handled thousands of these cases. I will briefly explain the criminal and motor vehicle administrative consequences of receiving a DWI or DUI in Maryland but please feel free to contact me for a free consulation that will include a more thorough explanation as well as a review of the specific facts and circumstances of your case. Brian Thompson

The questions invariably concern the procedures and possible sanctions in both the DUI, DWI criminal proceeding in District Court as well as the possible sanctions that will be levied against the person’s privilege to drive. One of the most common questions I receive is whether or not the person will have to return to Maryland or if the attorney can appear in court on the person’ behalf. In Maryland the defendant must appear in court for the trial of the DUI or DWI. In some states a lawyer can appear on behalf of the defendant but that is not the case in Maryland. For a first offender the possible penalties that can be imposed range from a $500 fine up to a one year prison sentence or a combination of fines and incarcertation. A person may also be required to serve a period of supervised probation which can be transferred under some circumstances to the person’s home state. If a person has been previously convicted of a DUI or a DWI in Maryland or any other state the penalties can be increased or enhanced as it is termed in Maryland to a maximum of a three year prison term. Is some cases a first offender or even a subsequent offender may receive what is called probation before judgment. In this disposition the court withholds the guilty finding and places the person on a period of probation which is usually supervised. The primary benefit of this outcome is that the DUI or DWI will not appear on the person’s motor vehicle record and therefore does not have to be disclosed on most backround checks for employment or other purposes and cannot be used against the person by their insurance company to justify a rate increase or the denial of insurance. Regarding sanctions by the motor vehicle administration, a person with an out of state license will be subject to a suspension of their privilege to drive in the state of Maryland if they refuse the breath test, have a reading of above .08 or more or are convicted of a DUI or DWI in criminal court. Under most circumstances this information will also be transmitted back to the motor vehicle administration of the person’s home state where they may also be sanctioned.

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