Maryland DUI Attorney on Jurisdictional Familiarity

Having an experienced Maryland DUI Attorney who really knows the members of the Maryland District Court Bench as well as the Maryland Circuit Court bench can be as important, if not more important than having a Maryland DUI lawyer who knows the law. Having a Maryland DUI Lawyer who is both experience and knowledgable in Maryland DUI Law and knows the bench is of course the best choice.

For example as an experience Maryland DUI lawyer who knows both the law and the bench I knew my clients were in a bad situation yesterday when their cases landed in front of a particular judge in the District Court. One client was a second offender who had caused life threatening injuries to his girlfriend in a serious car accident. He was arrested and blew a .16. The second client was a third offender. There were no aggravating facts but a third offender is always in serious jeopardy of lengthy incarceration. As I said, this case ended up in front of a judge whom I know to be particularly harsh on Maryland DUI offenders. Because I was aware of this particular judge’s propensities on these cases, I removed the cases to the Circuit Court and both of my clients walked out of the door (as opposed to being led out in handcuffs by the bailiff) at the end of their respective hearings.

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